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An "Antelope Lying without horns" of the "Manufacture of Sevres”

Une Antilope Couchée de la Manufacture de Sèvres

The 12/21/2015, a “Antelope Lying" of the "Manufacture of Sevres” is put on sale by the auction haouse Kahn-Dumousset . Lot 131. Estimated between 200 and 300 euros, it has been sold 600 euros (except taxes).

 (An "Antelope Lying without horns" of the "Manufacture of Sevres”)

Antelope slept without horn, 1927
Tender sandstone edition
Edition of time of the National Manufacture of Sevres
Registered “A.Petersen”
Carry the Sevres seal and the plugs WP LR and a seal ml H.: 11 cm approx.
Source: Particular collection, France
Realized according to the plaster model of 1927 preserved at the National Manufacture of Sevres, our specimen was published by Manufacture between 1929 and 1939.
Exposure: 1927, 1st exposure of the animalist artists, Gallery Brandt (another specimen) 1928, Living room of the decorators in Paris (another specimen)
Bibliography: Petersen, Liliane Colas, Finzi Edition, model referred under the n°3 page 30 and reproduced page 31 (another specimen reproduced)

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