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New Calf born life size in Basel (Switzerland)

veau nouveau ne bale

Here a photograph of “new Calf born” or “Golden calf” from one of the first sculptures of Armand Petersen life size going back to 1928. It is in the park “Loneliness” in Basel in Switzerland. First price of the competition of the town of Basle which each year allotted appropriations to the embellishment of public spaces. This competition, intended for a space of game for the children had as a subject the animal and childhood. Petersen proposed a new-born Calf, life size, a Golden calf. It will be the first model with life size and the first mythological animal treated with a certain humour. It gained 1,500 FR. and a notoriety, different from the other animalist ones. All the Press noticed this Calf but neither mythology nor allusion to the wealths retained. In LeJournal, Pawlowski announces a large strong Calf amusing On the other hand, the natural size the aspect lump and the side tenderizing of childhood drew attention.

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