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The bronze and the animal

190420 Affiche petersen audfray puteaux 600x300

Edith Mannoni in his book "The bronze and the animal" says of Petersen "The animals carved by Petersen seem constructed like architectures. So that, whatever their size, they give the impression of monumentality, so much they give off the nobility and grandeur. Strangely, the sculptor has been able to discern, and render with a subtle sensitivity, the melancholy gravity frequent in animals. This impression fuse, gently, through the form of a great accuracy of volume, combining with the realism of the physical appearance the mysterious psychology of these living beings, at once so near and so distant from us.

New exhibition to the L'Arrivage Gallery - Troyes

Exposition à la galerie L'Arrivage à Troyes

The exhibitions are followed. After that of June to the Festival Arts Nature with the castle of Ainay-le-Vieil it, from August 4th to September 2nd, 2017, surrounded by many painters, two sculptors AUDFRAY and PETERSEN will be with the honor with the gallery the Arrival with Troyes.

A "Coq des Indes" to USA

P035 coq des indes 520x300

This night has been solded at the auction house STAIR GALLERIES (Hudson, NY 12534, USA) a “Coq des Indes”

The "large panther" at the school Paul Barilliet

panthere barilliet

Photo (4/15/2016) of the “Large Panther tail punt and trailing” located at the school Paul Barilliet at Bry-sur-Marne (94350 France).
Made enlarging with Nogent between 1965 and 1966. Ordering of the town of Bry-sur-Marne whose Etienne Audfray was the mayor, realized after the death of Petersen and placed in the gardens of the Barilliet school. Bronze of 1969 single cast iron Godard.

Exhibition PETERSEN - AUDFRAY at Le Plessis-Robinson

Expo Petersen Audfray Chose affiche 600x300

From February 03rd to February 18th, 2018, accompanied by thephotographr Claude Choset, two sculptors AUDFRAY and PETERSEN will be with the honor with the “Maison des Arts” at Le Plessis-Robinson (92).

Marie Vassilieff with editions BVR

vassilieff petersen

Editions BVR (bnoel.herbaut.de) have just published a remarkable book of reference of more than 220 pages, written by Claude Bernès and Benoît Noël, on the life and the work of Marie Vassilieff “Marie Vassilieff - artistic work, the academy of painting, the canteen of Montparnasse” One discovers there not only all its personal life but also all the aspects of its immense talent as painter, sculptrice, autheure, dancer, decorator, costumer and creative of headstocks, puppets and of masks for the scene. It is almost at the same time, 1952 for Petersen and 1953 for Marie Vassilieff, that the two artists enter to the old people's home of Nogent-sur-Marne “La Maison des Artistes”. Marie Vassilieff will carry out these two portraits of Petersen there.

Petersen with Biennial of Paris 2017

biennale 2017 long 600x143

Seen with Biennial of Paris to the Grand Palais five Petersen: the drinking Duck, the small roe-deer, the pelican nozzle in the neck, the antelope with horns and the large rabbit.

An Hippopotamus of Sèvres sold the 04/21/2017

087   P049.3   Hippopotame   sevres   170421   art valorem 0001 480x300

An "Hippopotamus" of the Manufcature de Sèvres has been sold by Art-Valorem the 04/21/2017. it was edited 53 times between 1928 and 1955 including 9 times in 1955 of which it belongs. It has been sold 8000€ (excluded taxes).

Next exhibition Petersen to Ouistreham (14)

affiche expo audfray et petersen page 001 600x300

We expect you for the next exhibition Armand Petersen to Ouistraham (14) between on February 9th, 2017 and on March 1st, 2017.
Come and join us for this new great exhibition !

New édition of the "Large Panther tail punt and trailing"

panthere queue plate

A edition of the “Large Panther tail punt and trailing”, “smooth-tense” cast iron, patinates black brilliant moderate brown has just been realized by the Rosini foundry. A very large thank you with all the team for this superb edition.

New Calf born life size in Basel (Switzerland)

veau nouveau ne bale

Here a photograph of “new Calf born” or “Golden calf” from one of the first sculptures of Armand Petersen life size going back to 1928. It is in the park “Loneliness” in Basel in Switzerland. First price of the competition of the town of Basle which each year allotted appropriations to the embellishment of public spaces. This competition, intended for a space of game for the children had as a subject the animal and childhood. Petersen proposed a new-born Calf, life size, a Golden calf. It will be the first model with life size and the first mythological animal treated with a certain humour. It gained 1,500 FR. and a notoriety, different from the other animalist ones. All the Press noticed this Calf but neither mythology nor allusion to the wealths retained. In LeJournal, Pawlowski announces a large strong Calf amusing On the other hand, the natural size the aspect lump and the side tenderizing of childhood drew attention.

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